if it still doesnt work its not a big issue we can fix it. only thing it requires is you to delete the app and reinstall the app which is very simple.

deleteing app

Step 1

- go to settings

- applications

- manage installed applications

- go to smart iptv and click ok

- click delete app

Step 2

- on the main menu home page. leave your finger on the ok button for seconds. click on applciations or apps or my apps

- find app called downloader

- open it

- the app will open up and let you type in a browser link.

- type in http://siptv.app

- click ok

- it will take you to a website

- you will find menus news -- about -- support -- instructions

- click instructions

- next click amazon fire tv android tv

- scroll to the right

- and scroll down

- you will find (APK v1.7.1)

- click on the image with that text

- click install

when complete click the home button and you will find smart iptv again. open the app and click a channel and see if it will start working with video/ audio.

if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.


Click on one of the links your phone is tied to either iphone or android.

Google Play Store :


Apple App store :


download app and open it

- you will need either a login and password or code.

- The difference is in the way i sell them so for example if your wanting 50 accounts up front then i would give you 50 codes and you can sell them one by one.

- the app will ask to input code first- underneath it will say i have username and password.

- either or type in code or username and password

- once you login, its self explanitory after that.