10,000+ Kurdish songs with 156+ Artist to choose from

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Kurdish Music

10,000 songs with 156 artist to choose from!

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Stream any of the 10,000+ songs at your time! .

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Download your favorite song and listen to the song at any time.

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Interact with your friends by sharing individual songs to your friends online.

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Whats new? latest songs appear once artist releases a new song.

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Add songs to your favorite playlist and stream one after another.

Organized Kurdish Music

Guaranteed that songs are not this organized anywhere else to the public.

Apple and Android

This application is available for the iPhone and Android operating system and soon for the Webpage. Simple to download and no registration needed.

  • No Payments needed
  • Professionally organized
  • Download Full MP3 with correct tags
  • All Mp3 Formats (audio/mpeg[2] audio/MPA[3] audio/mpa-robust[)

Can't find Kurdish Music online organized?

Kurdish Music developers have taken the time to organize all the songs and artist in the appropriate folders with the correct songs listings. Finding the correct kurdish song with the correct title , album art and album tracks like iTunes and Goolge Music for Kurdish Music.

There is no cost to Kurdish Music as ads from online bring revenue for supporting app. Please allow app to display thru out the app instead of using tools that will disable ads.

Video demo of application

Watch the video and performance of the application before downloading. You can also subscribe to the youtube channel to see the beginning and end of the app production. also the video will explain in video tutorials on how the app works for start to end.

If you have any issues watching the video player, please contact us below.


Screen shots of live app.

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