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Kurdish iptv

Kurdistan tv, Vin Tv, Waar Tv, and Much More channels

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Arabic iptv

MBC 1,2,3,4, drama, max, Aljazira Arabic and much more

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Much more

Somalian, Etioptian, Russian, Europian, and much more

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Kurdish, Arabic, and USA TV channel list updated 12/26/2015 1:52 PM USA Nashville Time

What’s in the box?

American and international channels thru addons and live tvThe amazon tv stick and amazon tv turns your tv into a smart tv. What we do is make it a much smarter tv. with this device you can watch all live international channels per request. The packadges availiable now are listed below.


This tool can be used on Computer, Android devices"All", Apple Devices "If jailbroken", and amazon fire tv and hd stick.


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Any stations that are playable online can now be on your tv

You can now watch all your live arabic, kurdish, african, russian and much more channels straight on your TV. when you choose your packadge the channels get updated by the time you restart. at the moment there is no subscription to any of your favorite channels. "

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